Vikings: War of Clans – App Review

A game that challenges your mind as well as your quest for adventure!

by Plarium LLC

Vikings: War Of Clans and other Strategy Games are part of a popular gaming genre and have become a global phenomenon in recent years. In simple terms, a strategy game is a video game where the outcome of any endeavor, including battles, depends on the decisions you make rather than just brute force or technical skill. You really must think before you act, taking into consideration many different and challenging variables.

Vikings: War Of Clans

The word “strategy” originally comes from the Greek and means “art of troop leader; generalship” –defining what mankind has practiced in many areas long before its definition in relation to games. Over time the term gained new uses, extending to a concept that encompasses future planning and considerations for decision making. The gaming world embraced the evolution of the term and has awarded it its own category. These strategy games are now one of the most popular ways to gather players with the most diverse skills in one place — and like everything else online, they are going mobile.

While often a browser strategy game can have difficulty transitioning to the mobile platform, Vikings is one game that has made to jump successfully. It is a game that will truly captivate strategy game lovers for many hours of entertaining and challenging play. The many quests, skills, scenes and battles will keep you engaged and coming back for more.

Play alone or in a group, finding your opponents’ the weak spots and gearing up for battle. Players can form clans with other players — join an existing group or create your own to add your friends. Forge of Empires is also highly interactive, and beyond the gaming experience offers the ability to chat and socialize among users.

Vikings is a real visual treat. Even in mobile size, the graphics are excellent, and you will get an immersive experience that is quite satisfying.

So if you are looking for your next epic adventure, download Vikings now for free from the App Store. You won’t be disappointed!

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