Thinking about a stairlift for your home?


If you have mobility challenges and are struggling to get up and down your staircase, stairlifts can be an excellent option. Stairlifts provide a great deal of freedom and independence so you can avoid moving out of your home or being forced to convert other rooms in your house that were meant to be upstairs. Connect with top rated companies today and get the best price for your situation.

Most Falls Happen At Home

According to the National Institute on Aging, most falls happen at home while a person is doing normal activities. Scientists have linked a number of risk factors to falling, such as:

Foot problems that cause painful feet

Muscle weakness

Your reflexes may also be slower than when you were younger

Blood pressure that drops too much when you get up from lying down

Vision problems

Does it hurt when you climb up the stairs?

While once you didn’t give a second thought to taking the stairs, reduced mobility can turn those same stairs into a physical challenge which can leave you in pain and breathless

Eliminate The Risk Of Falls When Going Up And Down Your Staircase.

Since falling down stairs can significantly increase the injuries associated with a fall, families should consider ways to minimize the risk of older family members falling down stairs. While many people may consider moving a senior out of a home with stairs, expenses related to real estate fees, moving and storage fees and taxes can add up quickly. Worldwide ERC estimates that the cost of an average move within the US is $12,459.

A more affordable solution is a stair lift that safely transports the older person up and down the stairs while folding out of the way when not in use. Additionally, stair lifts mount to the stairs, not the walls so they can be installed in hours and do not require structural changes to the home.

For Accident-Prone Toddlers

If you have stairs in your home and toddlers in your life, you’ve almost certainly had the nerve-wracking experience of standing by helplessly as they’ve raced excitedly up or down a staircase. Maybe they stumbled, or had a slip and fall, and maybe that experience ended with a skinned knee and tears, or even worse.

But the situation could have turned out differently. Because kids, as you surely know, love to ride on stair lifts. To them, a ride up and down the stairs on grandpa’s chair lift isn’t entirely unlike a ride at the amusement park.

So when the grandchildren come over for a visit this holiday season, consider sitting them down and explaining to them how a stair lift should be used: safely, responsibly, and while wearing the chair’s seat belt. As long as they can understand and follow the basic rules of chair lift safety, allowing them to use the lift while heading upstairs to the bathroom, or perhaps downstairs to the basement, could be the safest (and most stress-free) choice of all.