Millions of TV Cable Users Cancel Subscriptions, Flock To New Website

As streaming options for home entertainment grow, true movie enthusiasts are finding their niche.


TV Cable companies have lost millions of their users this month, according to some reports, as a new website has appeared on the movie streaming scene.

The new website works similarly to other Cable TV and streaming services, while also offering attractive extras above and beyond. With an almost unlimited selection of HD movies and TV series that can play across all kinds of devices, it’s no wonder that Cable TV Companies have been losing up to 100,000 users in a single day!

Sources at The Flix service say the reason so many users are leaving  Cable companies for their new service is that it offers them the ultimate viewing experience, whenever and wherever they choose. The new service is especially attractive to indie movie enthusiasts. Offering those titles that may be harder to find, Flix reports that those with wider cinematic tastes are very happy customers.

“When you offer a premium service as we do, focused on providing the user with the highest quality experience, people notice. All the resources and technology we put into our service have paid off, with millions leaving other services — and coming to us instead.”

Sounds good, now how do we try it out? Well, that’s exactly what we set out to do. We went to the site, and found that it’s very easy to sign up and get a free account.

The advanced search feature on the site made finding movies and shows a breeze. There were literally thousands of films that we could watch right away, no waiting and no heavy downloads! While it can take a while to appreciate all of the many unique titles on offer, there is definitely much to be impressed by here immediately. The streaming speeds were ultra-fast and the video quality is outstanding. The HD quality, whether on a tablet, a laptop or a Smart TV, was consistently superb.




So what’s the bottom line? Here’s our summary of the Flix service:


So go ahead and give it a try. Within minutes you will see why so many customers are signing up every day!



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