Paribus Review: How To Save Money After Shopping Online

By Josh Kelly – September 26th, 2017


Sometimes you come across a product that’s so simple and smart that you have to pause for a moment to wonder why it took so long for someone to think of it. Such is the case with Paribus, a delightfully clever service that you sign up for and then forget all about. In fact, the only time you’re reminded of the service is when an email hits your inbox letting you know that it just saved you money on a recent purchase.

The bottom line is this: If you shop online, Paribus can save you money… and the best part is that you won’t have to lift a finger.


What Is Paribus & How It Works

Stores guarantee money back when prices fall, the only catch is that you have to ask for it (and know when to do so). Paribus does this for you!

All you do is sign up with your email, connect whatever accounts that you shop with, then get back to your life without having to do a thing more.The Paribus robots scan and monitor all incoming receipts of yours (they’ll also go back 30 days when you first sign up) looking for any money that was left on the table.

Paribus scans your inbox for receipt confirmations. When Paribus finds a purchase, it begins to monitor the price. If the price drops, Paribus negotiates for a refund on your behalf. You literally do nothing. (Doing nothing is my favorite way to save money.) Paribus makes money by taking a cut of your refund, typically 25%.


So it’s like buying a video game at Best Buy, and then them telling you “Listen – take $4.00 back, you forgot to use a coupon!” Amazing.


Now, I can go back to completely forgetting that Paribus exists until the next time it saves me money.





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